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Is XPack a thin client? Is there a need for a separate server?
XPack is a next generation thin client solution. Traditional thin clients operate by relying on a server to run the user sessions, render the applications and send the screen images down to the client stations. XPack, however, is a stand-alone computing device relying on internet/intranet service resources (with few local applications). While still supporting traditional remote desktop technologies, Xpack moves the concept forward by focusing on web-based applications, still providing the benefits of a state-less solution.
Is software license sold separately from hardware? What if we want to install additional software?
The software is bundled with the hardware. Additional software can be installed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the partner commitment.
How is XPack mounted / positioned?
XPack can be positioned in one of two ways – it can either be mounted on the monitor VESA mounting, making it the first general computing device being able to do so, or it can be positioned on the desk in a vertical orientation.

What kinds of support mechanisms are available for end-user support?
XPack comes with remote management software that allows administrators to view and control customer desktop with end-user permission, driving the support costs to the minimum.
What are the operating conditions for the system?
The system is designed to function in the normal office/home conditions. For the outside use, separate moisture seal and airflow has to be provided.
What size is the XPack?
XPack is one of the smallest footprint general computing devices available on the market today. It measures 5.3” × 5.1” × 1.9” (13.4 cm × 12.9 cm × 4.8 cm)

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