Virtualization is a powerful trend towards decoupling of the operating system, applications, and/or data from the host hardware.

In servers that means that "virtual machines"exist independently of the hardware and can be moved around easily, making it possible to combine multiple virtualmachines on one hardware machine, move virtual machine from one hardware configuration to another.

In desktops, the OS, applications, and data can be moved off the local computer into independent or private data centers, making it easier for IT to maintain compliance, security, and integrity of the desktops they support.

While there are many variations of desktop virtualization, Moderro takes a web-centric approach, while supporting other prevalent virtualization methods to achieve compatibility. Web-centric approach to virtualization eliminates the single point of failure and the need for OS/application/data aggregation and licensing required by traditional thin client systems.

Energy-Efficient Computing
Reducing power consumption by over six times that of comparable products, the energy-efficient XPack platform is driving a new era in eco-friendly computing. Combining low power consumption and cool operation without comprising performance, Moderro is setting the new standard for web based computing.
Carbon-free computing
Moderro uses the first "carbon-free" desktop processor, promising that atmospheric carbon released during generation of the power needed to run the chip throughout its expected lifecycle will be offset by regional conservation, reforestation, and energy programs initiated or contributed to by Via. The "initial offsets" for the C7-D are worked out in cooperation with Carbon Footprint, a U.K. based "carbon footprint management specialist".

Solid State Computing
Solid State computing has number of advantages. No moving parts means lack of mechanical breakdowns and noise, faster start-up, extremely low read and write latency (seek) times, roughly 15 times faster than the best current mechanical disks, longer lifetime. Solid state memory provides security (quick wipe of data) and deterministic performance.
Lead-Free / ROHS Computing
Moderro recognizes the importance of reducing hazardous substances in the Xpack platform, and uses only lead-free components that's RoHS compliant.
Quiet Computing
Moderro uses solid state designs to provide the silent computer experience desired by customers and in accordance with ISO standards set by University of British Columbia in Canada.