Xpack Desktop

Model VX3000-00-01

Moderro System Software Including Custom Browser
and User Interface
3×USB, VGA, DVI, 2×Audio
Suggested use:
Public Internet Terminal, Web 2.0 Office Workstation, CRM/ERP Workstation, Information Terminal, Call Center, Remote Worker and Virtual Classroom
USB keyboard, USB mouse,
Ethernet cable, VGA cable


Moderro Xpack is a small (size of a paperback), low power, silent mini-computer. It weighs around 3 lbs and consumes on average 13W of power. Xpack comes with custom-designed keyboard and mouse, Ethernet CAT5 and VGA cables, and mounting hardware. The Xpack can be placed in a cradle that can stand along-side the monitor, or be attached to the back of the monitor using the VESA bracket (included).
The unit comes with optional WiFi connectivity. CPU speed and RAM are configured appropriately for the usage. The keyboard has a built-in USB hub, which provides left or right-side mouse connection and USB media storage drive slot. Xpack is a solid state device, meaning that there are no moving parts (aside from a back-up fan) inside the enclosure.
Moderro Xpack is powered by Moderro Browser OS. This innovative OS is built to provide a “desktop-in-a-browser” environment, giving the users a familiar feel of the desktop when interacting with internet resources and applications. Moderro Browser Desktop is compatible with all major internet sites and gives the user a very intuitive and simple way of interacting with web-based content and applications.
Each internet resource runs in its own window and is represented by an automatically updating thumbnail ribbon on the bottom of the screen. The user interface is designed for ease-of-use and simplicity. In addition to web browsing the software supports internet telephony client, Java, and PDF viewer. While Xpack itself does not store the files locally, it allows for a USB mass media storage or a camera with USB interface to be connected for file download and upload.