About Moderro

Company Overview

Founded in Silicon Valley in 1999, Moderro creates intelligent digital signage solutions that improve communication, interaction, and productivity.

Intelligent video wall in a company lobby

Intelligent Digital Signage

Using state-of-the-art computer, networking, and visual technologies, Moderro delivers enterprise-scale signage solutions for corporate, education, and government customers.

Organizations use Moderro’s digital signs for kiosks, video walls, advertising displays, transit center displays, corporate and school displays, and more.

Moderro’s unique approach of using an intelligent network of distributed signage controllers provides superior visual performance, advanced signage applications, and network capabilities that are not possible with most standalone digital signage solutions.

Moderro - Cisco partnership for intelligent digital signage solutions


Moderro has partnered with Cisco since 2007 to develop digital signage technology and integrate Moderro signage products with Cisco networking and Unified Communications solutions. This allows customers to quickly deploy networked digital signage anywhere in their organization and integrate signage with their phone, video, web, and computing resources.

Moderro also partners with other leading firms such as Appspace and Industry Weapon for content management, ViewSonic and Panasonic for displays and kiosks, and leading system integrators.

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