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Intelligent sigital signage in airport


For customers that need signage but don’t want to purchase and manage their own signs, Moderro is pleased to offer Signage-as-a-Service, where Moderro will:

  • Install digital displays and kiosks in the customer’s locations.
  • Create and update signage content and applications.
  • Connect signage to the network and cloud services.
  • Operate, secure, manage, and support the signage network 24×7.
Client service for Signage-Player-as-a-Service


  • If a customer prefers to manage only the display, content, and networking aspects of the digital signage system, Moderro also offers Signage-Controller-as-a-Service.
  • With this service, Moderro handles all aspects of deploying, managing, and updating the signage controllers in the network.
  • Moderro remotely manages the controllers throughout the network using Moderro management software.