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  DMC 4000 IEC 4660 IEC 5660
Type Non-interactive Interactive
CPU ARM A9 Dual Core Dual core Intel® i3 Kaby Lake Dual core Intel® i3 Kaby Lake
RAM 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Storage 8 GB 32 GB 256 GB
OS Customized Linux Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Video Output 4K 30fps or 1080p 120fps Dual 4K 60fps Dual 4K 60fps
Displays 1 per every DMC4000 Up to 3 One 4K outputs via HDMI
plus two additional 2K (Full HD) displays via daisy-chain DP
Up to 4 Two 4K outputs via Display Port
plus two additional 2K displays via approved Display Port hubs
Touchscreen Support No Yesone of connected displays Yesone of connected displays
Networking Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps) with PoE Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps) Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps)
Wireless Optional via USB dongle Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac, optional*
Bluetooth 4.0 * via USB dongle
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac, optional*
Bluetooth 4.0 * via USB dongle
USB ports 1 USB 2.0 4 USB 3.0 4 USB 3.0
Control RS-232*, CEC*, power on/off, standby, image settings.* with compatible video display COM (3.5 mm phone jack), IR receiver and transmitter, RS-232* * with compatible video display
Audio HDMI 1.4, AV out (3.5 mm phone jack type) Mic (3.5 mm phone jack type), line out (3.5 mm phone jack type)
Video Decoding MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264(AVC), HEVC, VP8/9, Theora, WMV 7/8/9 and others MPEG2, H.264, H.265 MPEG2, H.264, H.265
Audio Decoding AC3, AAC, MPEG audio, MP2, MP3, AIF, FLAC, OPUS, Vorbis, TrueHD, WMA and others    
Image Types supported JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF JPEG 2000 and others    
Video calling No SIP & Jabber, 2-way SIP & Jabber, 2-way
Z-wave Optional Optional Optional
  6W Consumes five times less power than a PC
  Size: 119 mm x 130 mm x 35 mm
Weight: 20 oz.
Small space-saving design, 4 built-in keyhole slots for mounting, optional VESA mount
  Quiet operation - fanless Quiet operation – fanless
Rich Signage Applications UDP Multicast, Flexible video wall scaling, Pan and Zoom slideshow, Picturetrain slideshow, Traditional grid wall layout, Artistic video wall layout, Perfect video synchronization, Video rotation for artistic and tradition video wall, Granular cut and stitch, Uninterrupted Content loop, Arbitrary monitor physical size Runs a robust web browser designed for interactive signage, kiosks, and collaborative applications

Rich signage application development platform with HTML & JavaScript API support;
access to video, voice, peripherals & system resources
Remote Management Proof of play screenshot, Cloud monitoring, Software upgrade, Storage management, Video output control, Remote control of players, Remote monitoring of displays Integrated with Industry Weapon cloud-based Content Management Systems

Moderro Digital Signage Manager (DSM)