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DMC 4000 Controller

Digital Signage Controller, Digital Signage Hardware
  • Moderro’s DMC 4000 is a networked digital signage controller that powers non-interactive signs and video walls.
  • Moderro’s distributed controller architecture assigns one DMC 4000 per display, providing superior video quality, faster sign performance, and support for large, artistic video walls.
Digital Signage Hardware

Stunning Digital Video

  • Delivers high-impact digital video in Ultra HD 4K brilliance.
  • Distributed architecture results in superior video quality and system performance.
  • Precisely aligns and synchronizes video across all displays in the video wall.
Digital Signage Controller, artistic video wall

Flexible Video Wall Configurations

  • Supports video walls with up to 256 displays.
  • Supports artistic video walls with any display layout pattern.
  • Upscales video size to fit all screens and patterns.
Digital Signage Controller, Digital Signage Hardware

Easy to Manage

  • DMC management software manages the network of DMC controllers.
  • Graphic interface makes it easy to manage signs and video walls.
  • Manage from a PC or use Moderro’s Signage-as-a-Service.
Support of variety media formats

Media Support

  • Extensive support for all common media formats.
  • MP4, AVI, MOV, and other video formats.
  • Web content, JPEG, PowerPoint, and more.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Distributed controller architecture with one controller per display provides superior video quality and system performance.
  • Supports up to 4k video resolution.
  • HDMI video output.
  • 8 GB onboard content cache for survivability.
  • AC power or 15W Power over Ethernet (POE).
  • One Gigabit Ethernet LAN port with POE.
  • Integration with Industry Weapon content management system.
  • DMC management software with graphic user interface.
Digital Signage Controller, Digital Signage Hardware

DMC 2000 / Xpack

  • Moderro provides the DMC 2000 controller for budget-sensitive projects that only require HD video and not 4k Ultra HD.
  • Ideal solution for powering HD video wall displays and thin client web terminals.
  • This controller is also available as the NMP012 video wall controller from ViewSonic.
  • This controller is also known as the Xpack Media Player when distributed as a thin client controller.
  • Specifications are similar to the DMC 4000 specs listed above except for delivering HD video instead of 4k Ultra HD.