Digital Signage Software

Cloud Based Digital Signage

Moderro Digital Signage Manager
On-Premises Signage Creation & Distribution

Moderro Digital Signage Manager (DSM) provides asset management, layout design, scheduled campaign distribution and proof-of-play reporting to meet your visual communication needs.

Digital Signage Software

Easily Create Digital Signage

  • Upload & catalog your animations, backgrounds, images, fonts and videos
  • Deliver signs to LCD, LED, Plasma & projectors even tablets – virtually any display technology
  • Push campaigns and content to media players then verify delivery looking at every player’s onboard media inventory
  • Assign & deploy default content to every player ensuring reliable, approved messaging during any scheduling gap or extended network outage
Cloud Based Digital Signage

Remote Management

  • Monitor and alert on the operating status on every connected digital signage controller including Moderro Digital Media Controllers (DMC) and Interactive Experience Controllers (IEC).
  • Request and deliver live screen shots of content rendered by every registered controller.
  • Logging and reporting of operational data for every connected digital signage controller.
  • Configure and control display/device access based on user or user group.
  • View every digital signage controller’s onboard media content library including file transfer status of active media updates.
  • View purchased player licenses, licenses in use and remaining unassigned licenses to plan for moves, adds and changes.
  • Pass through RS-232 control commands to commercial monitors attached to Moderro digital signage controllers.
Digital Signage Software

System Analytics

  • View bandwidth consumption per player to load content and report usage data
  • Proof of Play information per display, per campaign and per digital media asset rendered on the display
  • Device availability per unit time to track reliability

Content Management

  • Add, modify, retire and delete states for every digital signage campaign
  • Set preferred screen resolution per campaign to guide digital signage deployment & scheduling staff
  • User assigned tags allow staff to group similar campaigns and layouts for themed playback regardless of when/where campaign was created
  • Preview layouts with DSM before deployment to verify adherence to your design specs & intent
  • Assign regions within every layout to update onscreen content dynamically
  • Perform content fade ins/outs and content fly- ins/outs within any defined on-screen region
Cloud Based Digital Signage


  • Calendar-based playback of individual layouts or an entire campaign of related layouts.
  • Schedule forward through multiple years to the exact date & time of desired playout per screen or screen group.
  • Preempt scheduled playback with priority content.
  • Schedule digital signage controller & monitor control commands.