Digital Signage Software

Cloud Based Digital Signage

Management Software

Moderro offers two powerful signage management software tools to manage your digital signage network.

  • IEM - provides basic management functions for the IEC controllers in the network.
  • DSM - brings advanced signage features such as system-wide alerts and video broadcasts.
Digital Signage Software

DSM Management Software

Easy-to-use web software which offers many advanced signage features.

  • System-wide alerts - allows the distribution of alert messages to all or some digital signs in the network. Examples include security alerts, fire alerts, notices throughout a school or corporate campus, and reminders.
  • Video broadcasts – provides the ability to send a video feed out to all or some of the digital signs in the network. Ideal for management broadcasts, event videos, and training videos.
  • Enterprise TV – allows all or some digital signs to access a cable TV feed and all associated channels. Useful for feeds to waiting rooms, financial market monitoring, news broadcasts, and classroom access.
  • Conference room scheduling – allows digital signs mounted outside conferences rooms to show the room’s schedule, allow people to reserve the room, and integrate the schedule with Outlook calendaring.
  • Occupancy detection – allows motion sensors connected to a digital sign to detect the presence of viewers and then take a specific action such as playing certain content, triggering audio to engage the viewer, and sleeping the display if no viewer is nearby.
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Cloud Based Digital Signage

IEM Management Software

Moderro IEM software is a web-based management console that allows an administrator to remotely control and monitor the IEC 4660 controllers in the network. IEM provides many important management functions:

  • Configuration - manage applications, desktop elements, window options, network settings, peripherals, and more.
  • Remote Control – real-time control of a kiosk for muting, locking out the user, or sending the user a message.
  • Session Management - session time counter, session time limit, after-session clean-up, and more.
  • Remote Assistance – a user can press a help button to initiate a chat and desktop sharing session with support staff.
  • Kiosk Configuration - start with a specific web page and let users navigate within a “walled garden” environment.
  • Logging and Reporting - log traffic data from IEC devices to analyze and make access and operational decisions.
  • Policy Management - apply settings to a group of devices, for example restricting internet access on certain kiosks.

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