Digital Signage Solutions

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Digital Signage Uses

Digital signage is used to improve communication and productivity in many industries and settings:

Signage Solutions
  • Universities and K-12 schools
  • Corporate and government campuses
  • Banking, retail, point-of-sale
  • Hotels, restaurants, shopping malls
  • Airports, train stations, public facilities
  • Conference centers, museums, exhibit halls, stadiums
  • Factories, industrial facilities, training centers and more…
Digital KioskSignage Solutions, Digital Kiosk

In these settings, digital signage is used for many purposes:

  • Advertising, branding, corporate and organizational communication
  • Information displays - alerts, data, maps, presentations, web info, social media
  • Video display – from cable, web, or local video files; broadcast or on-demand
  • Kiosk – interactive device for point-of-purchase, ticketing, transactions
  • Video walls – wall displays for branding or displaying information
  • Classroom and hallway displays - for K-12 and college campuses
  • Interactive demos and presentations – users can control the info provided
  • Wayfinding – provides directions in a campus, mall, or city
  • Retail - shoppers view catalogs, detailed product info, coupons
  • Targeted promotions – special offers based on schedule, user, location
  • Videoconferencing – for presentations, interviews, meetings
  • Room scheduling - conference room availability and scheduling
  • … and anywhere powerful communication and interaction is required!