Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Kiosk

Dynamic Digital Signage

End-to-end dynamic signage solution that enables companies to communicate and engage with customers in new and more impactful ways.

Moderro Intelligent Signage Product Line

Signage Solutions
Digital Kiosk

Moderro Applications Platform (MAP)
Delivering Interactive Business Applications

Expandable application platform delivering:

  • Live broadcasts (town halls)
  • Video alerts & notifications including Singlewire integration
  • TV/Monitor controls
  • 2-way video calling (IEC)
  • Live & prerecorded video playlists per digital sign
  • Enterprise TV & video-on-demand portal
  • Web-based administration UI

Moderro + YCD
High Impact Branding In Any Space

Any screen any type & size

Moderro + Industry Weapon
Cloud-based Visual Messaging & Communications

Industry Weapon Expansion Pack provides access to applications and widgets designed to connect with a variety of 3rd party databases and systems. These tools provides the flexibility to control integration layout, output rules and scheduling parameters for both Interactive and non-interactive applications.