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Digital Kiosks

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Part of Modern Life

  • You’ve certainly used many kiosks at banks, airports, hotels, retail stores, and many other locations... they’re a common part of our modern world.
  • A good kiosk is a win-win: convenience and speed for the customer and productivity and cost savings for the kiosk’s owner.
  • … but a bad kiosk can be a lose-lose: the customer is frustrated and the kiosk owner loses a sale and customer loyalty.
Digital Kiosk

High Quality Kiosks

  • Moderro’s Kiosk solutions are designed to provide the highest quality user experience and maximize transaction volume.
  • Moderro kiosks are powered by the IEC 4660 controller, an advanced web computer designed for interactive signage and kiosks.
  • The IEC 4660 can run sophisticated kiosk applications, connect to the network, and manage the touchscreen and other devices.
Digital kiosk applications

Powerful Kiosk Applications

  • The IEC 4660 controller runs a special web browser that is designed to run highly reliable, advanced kiosk applications.
  • Kiosk applications can integrate local information, RSS feeds, web-based services, corporate data, and advertising content.
  • Existing web applications can be used or custom kiosk applications can be developed using HTML and JavaScript API resources.
Digital Kiosk peripherals

Touchscreens and Other Devices

  • The IEC 4660 manages the touchscreen that is usually the primary interaction device.
  • To support complex transactions, the 4660 also connects a wide range of other devices, including scanners, printers, bar code readers, cameras, microphones, and more.
  • Moderro can insert the IEC 4660 into kiosk enclosures from ViewSonic, Panasonic, and other leading enclosure and display providers.
Intelligent Digital Kiosk management diagram

Remote Management

  • Kiosks can be remotely managed over the network by Moderro IEM software.
  • IEM lets managers easily configure and manager the IEC 4660 controllers that power the kiosk network.
  • Advanced features include remote assistance, remote control, policy management, session time limit, data capture, and detailed reporting.