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Xpack Thin Client

There are some signage or computer situations where a user only needs to access web content, such as:

  • Public internet terminal – hotel lobby, library…
  • Information terminal – access to specific web pages
  • Classroom terminals – for educational web applications
  • Office workstation – when the worker only needs web access
  • Call center workstation – for web based CRM applications
  • Factory workstation – for web based ERP applications
  • … and other situations where only web applications are required
Thin Cleint in public places

Xpack Benefits

For the above uses, a thin-client web computer like Moderro’s Xpack is the perfect solution and offers many benefits:

  • Low cost – only needs low cost display, Xpack, keyboard, mouse.
  • Easy to operate and centrally administer
  • Secure – avoid PC viruses and many security issues
  • Eliminates complex, expensive OS and application licensing
  • Energy efficient – consumes only 13 watts
  • Reliable – solid-state design, no moving parts
  • Fits in tight spaces, easily mounts on the back of most monitors
Xpack thin client

Xpack Hardware

  • Small, low power, silent web computer
  • Approximately the size of a paperback book
  • Weighs approximately 3 pounds
  • Consumes 13W of power on average
  • CPU speed and RAM are configured as required for the specific task.
  • Ethernet connectivity and optional Wi-Fi
  • Stands in cradle next to display or attaches to the back of the display using the included VESA bracket.
  • Comes with custom-designed keyboard, mouse, Ethernet CAT5 and VGA cables, and mounting hardware.
  • Keyboard has a built-in USB hub which provides left or right-side mouse connection and USB media storage drive slot.
  • Solid-state device with no moving parts.
Moderro Browser OS

Xpack Software

  • Xpack powered by Moderro Browser OS.
  • Familiar “desktop-in-a-browser” interface makes Xpack very easy to use.
  • Compatible with all major internet sites.
  • Each internet resource runs in its own window and is represented by a thumbnail ribbon on the bottom of the screen.
  • In addition to web browsing, Xpack supports internet telephony client, Java, and PDF viewer.
  • While Xpack does not store the files locally, it allows USB storage or USB camera to be connected for file download and upload.