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Video Wall Controller

Video Wall

Video Walls = Impact

Video walls can certainly make an impact, but they need to be driven with the right technology.

The Problem Is…

Most video wall vendors use a single controller to try and drive the displays, which often results in jittery, out-of-synch, poorly aligned video.

Video Wall Controller

A Better Way

Moderro’s engineers created a better way… an intelligent video wall using a network of distributed controllers.

This approach provides the power and intelligence that is needed to deliver smooth, perfectly synchronized HD video to any video wall, no matter how large or complex.

Artistic video wall

The Moderro Advantage

Moderro’s intelligent video walls deliver 5 significant advantages:

  • Scalable
    Supports any sized video wall, even hundreds of displays.
  • Flexible layouts
    Supports any layout pattern – either a standard grid pattern or artistic layout.
  • Perfect Sync technology
    Ensures video across the video wall is smooth, perfectly synchronized, and aligned.
  • Easy to manage
    Video Wall Manager cloud software provides complete control from anywhere.
  • Cloud Compatible
    Your sign can show your content directly from the web with no hassles or complexity.
Video wall 2x4

Custom Video Walls

Moderro’s team of engineers and solution specialists can create a video wall solution that is customized to meet your exact needs.