Intelligent Digital Signage

Intelligent Digital Signage

  • Digital signs are one of most powerful ways to communicate with your customers.
  • Using the latest digital technologies, digital signs convey your message, engage your customers, and get results.
Wide range of intelligent digital signage uses

Wide Range of Uses

  • Digital signs are used in many ways in corporate, industrial, government, and educational settings.

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Intelligent digital signage displays in airport

Non-Interactive Signs

  • Non-interactive signs allow the audience to view but not interact with the sign, as in advertising and information displays.
  • Moderro powers non-interactive signs with the DMC 4000 controller and DMC Manager software.
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Woman using interactive digital kiosk in airport

Interactive Signs

  • Interactive signs let the user interact with the sign using touchscreens, cameras, microphones, or other devices.
  • Moderro powers interactive signs with the IEC 4650 controller and IEM and DSM management software.
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Remote Expert

Remote Expert

  • Moderro Remote Expert allows customers to have an “almost in-person” meeting with your company’s experts and complete business transactions.
  • Customers could be in your store or branch office while your company expert can be located anywhere in the world.
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Intelligent video wall in a trade center

The Moderro Advantage

While most suppliers only provide simple passive signs, Moderro provides intelligent digital signage with:

  • Advanced interactivity using touchscreens, cameras, scanners, telephony, videoconferencing, and other input technologies.
  • Powerful custom signage applications and state-of-the-art signage features.
  • Superior visual quality using Moderro Perfect Sync technology.
  • Integration with the network, web content, and Cisco Unified Communications.
  • Proven enterprise-scale signage networks deployed in hundreds of organizations since 2007.
Digital signage components diagram

Digital Signage Components

Moderro digital signage systems are made up of several components:

  • Display – Moderro supports digital LCD or LED displays from ViewSonic, Panasonic, and other leading display manufacturers.
  • Controller – also called players or clients, these small computers attach to the back of the display and control all aspects of the sign.
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  • Management software – PC or cloud software to configure and manage the signs and signage network.
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  • Network – most digital signs are networked to receive content and allow remote management.
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  • Content management software – to create, manage, and update signage content. Moderro products work smoothly with Industry Weapon and Appspace content management systems.
Moderro also works closely with Cisco and leading system integrators

System Integration

  • Moderro works closely with customers to design a signage system that meets the customer’s exact needs.
  • Moderro also works closely with Cisco and leading system integrators to implement enterprise-level signage systems.
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