Digital Signage Controllers

Digital Signage Controllers

Digital signage controllers

Controlling the Displays

  • The digital signage controller is the “brain” for the display and provides the video signal, network connection, and computing capability.
  • While some signage vendors only provide a single controller to manage many displays, Moderro’s intelligent digital signage systems assign a controller to each display.
  • This “distributed intelligence” approach provides superior visual quality, more advanced signage applications, and network capabilities not available from other vendors.
  • Moderro offers two different controllers – the DMC 4000 for non-interactive signs and the IEC 4650 for interactive signs.
Moderro DMC 4000 digital media controller

DMC 4000 – Non-Interactive Controller

  • The DMC 4000 is a powerful controller for non-interactive signs and video walls.
  • Delivers high-impact digital video in ultra-high definition 4K brilliance.
  • Supports artistic walls with up to 256 displays in any layout pattern.
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IEC 4650 Interactive Experience Controller

IEC 4650 – Interactive Controller

  • The IEC 4650 an advanced digital signage controller that provides the video, network, and computing capabilities for an interactive sign or kiosk.
  • An enterprise-grade web computer, the IEC 4650 can access web content and run custom signage applications.
  • The IEC 4650 is compatible with Cisco Unified Communications and can allow the sign to also be an IP phone or videoconference device.
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