Interactive Signage

Interactive Signage

  • Interactive digital signs allow two-way communication by allowing the user to interact with the sign through touchscreens, cameras, and other devices.
  • Examples are kiosks and signs for directories, point-of-sale, wayfinding, video conferencing, bank transactions, info search, and remote expert.


Woman using interactive digital kiosk in airport
  • Kiosks are now a major productivity tool and help users accomplish many important tasks without human assistance.
  • Kiosks can use touchscreens, network access, scanners, and other devices to fully engage the user and complete complex transactions.
  • Kiosk applications can be based on existing web content and integrate local data, web services, corporate data, RSS feeds, ads, and more.
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Remote expert in a bank office

Remote Expert

  • Moderro Remote Expert allows customers to have an “almost in-person” meeting with your company’s experts and complete complex business transactions.
  • Available as a kiosk or as a customer pod/office in a branch bank or office.
  • Integrates with an organization’s Cisco network and voice/video capabilities.
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IEC 4650 Interactive Experience Controller

Interactive Controller

  • The IEC 4650 is Moderro’s interactive signage controller that provides the video, network, and computing capabilities for an interactive sign or kiosk.
  • An enterprise-grade web computer, the IEC 4650 can access web content and run custom signage applications.
  • The 4650 is compatible with Cisco Unified Communications and can allow the sign to also be an IP phone or videoconference device.
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IEM Management Software

Management Software

  • Moderro’s interactive signs can be remotely managed by the easy-to-use IEM and DSM software.
  • IEM lets managers easily configure, control, and monitor the IEC 4650 controllers that power the signage network.
  • DSM provides advanced signage features such as system-wide alerts and video broadcasts.
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Thin Client used in library

Thin Client

  • While not really a sign, a thin client is a perfect computer/display device for situations where a user only needs to access web content.
  • Libraries, classrooms, call centers, factory floors, reception areas, event centers, hotel lobbies, transit centers, etc.
  • Offers many benefits – lower cost, more secure, fewer software licenses, more reliable, easier administration, more energy efficient, and smaller space requirements.
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