Non-Interactive Signage

Non-Interactive Signage

  • Many digital signs do their job by simply presenting information to the user and requiring no two-way user interaction.
  • Non-interactive signs are used for advertising, alerts, announcements, artistic images, classrooms, conference centers, data dashboards, general information, maps, transit centers, video viewing, and more.

Video wall 1x3 displays

Video Walls

  • Video walls are a special type of non-interactive sign used for artistic branding or displaying a range of information.
  • Moderro’s Intelligent Video Walls provide superior visual quality and support for large and artistic layout patterns.
  • Moderro’s Perfect Sync technology ensures the image across the video wall is smooth, perfectly synchronized, and precisely aligned.
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Moderro DMC 4000 digital media controller

Non-Interactive Controller

  • Moderro’s display controller for non-interactive signs is the DMC 4000.
  • Delivers high-impact digital video in ultra-high definition 4K brilliance.
  • Supports artistic walls with up to 256 displays in any layout pattern.
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DMC Management Software

Management Software

  • Moderro’s software for managing non-interactive signs and video walls is DMC Manager, a PC application also available as a cloud service.
  • Graphic interface makes it easy to configure and manage signs and video walls.
  • Compatible with content management software such as Appspace and Industry Weapon.
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