Take your business transactions on-line without losing the personal touch.

Remote Expert enables you to complete face-to-face business transactions with your customers, without needing to be in the same location.

How it works

What can Remote Expert do for you?

With Remote Expert you can bring in the same exceptional service to more of your customers having your service team locally or remotely. When you do this, customer satisfaction goes up, and costs go down. Won’t that feel great? With a geographically dispersed team, and using Remote Expert, you can provide safer customer experiences while improving agent utilization and reducing operational cost.

Remote Expert makes virtual business real.

We built Remote Expert so that you can take all your off-line business, on-line, and complete your business transactions without needing to be in the same location.


With Remote Expert, your customers can meet remotely with their advisor or agent to complete any business transaction without losing the personal touch.


Remote Expert users are transacting $2B every year remotely, using Remote Expert.

more than 2,000

agents use Remote Expert around the world to access all of the devices required for any business process to be completed remotely.

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Remote Expert Explained

1 Immersive experience

Video is delivered at full HD resolution and with excellent quality so that your customers will feel that they are in the same room as the agent.

2 Call queue management

Seamlessly integrating with Cisco Unified Communications, your existing call center routing and business processes can be used with Moderro Remote Expert Manager.

3 Supports all peripheral devices

Remote Expert works with almost any peripheral needed for you to complete your business transaction. Even medical devices can be used.

4 Contactless client

Touchless experiences are important to customers. A Remote Expert session may be started without needing to touch the screen.

5 Easy to deploy

We offer several deployment options so that you can get started quickly and easily. On-prem, a cloud service model, and hybrid are available.

6 Flexible to implement

Whether you need a kiosk experience, or a desktop application. Remote Expert is easily implemented into any environment and highly customizable.

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Remote Expert customers and partners share their experiences

HSBC 24Storage Marriott JPMorgan Chase & Co. SimonMed AXA The Nottingham Building Society ANB Arion banki SBI Parkland Ashdod Municipality Ajuntament de Barcelona Sabic AIB National Bank of Egypt Nationwide City of Nice

"We can't distribute our experts everywhere throughout our entire network across the country. So this enabled us to connect people both branch to branch, or branch to call center, and have that immediate access."

Paul Dilda Head of North American Branch Channel, BMO Bank of Montreal

"We're able to create a smarter way for our customers to engage with our mortgage advisors. Nottingham on-demand saw us install high-definition video across our entire branch network, enabling our customers to speak to a mortgage service advisor on demand in any of our branch locations. This gave our customers a connection that really matters, reducing the time it takes to get that all-important community."

Ben Osgood Sr. Manager for Mortgages, Nottingham Building Society

"So we wanted to make sure our customers were at least as satisfied with using a remote advisor as they were using an in-branch advisor. The results in that space were our customers were more satisfied."

Andrew Nation Sr. Manager, Proposition & Change Future Customer Outcomes Central Distribution, Nationwide

"If you're able to bring call center type management to be able to match supply and demand with the right expertise at the right time and in the right place, you're starting to reach that position of high efficiency. The Cisco Remote Expert functionality allows us to do exactly that."

Richard Searle Head of Future Customer Outcomes, Nationwide

"Why Remote Expert is so successful is the fact that you can deliver the bank's expert to the client anyplace anytime, whether it's at their home, a branch, or in a remote location."

David G. Luff VP, Bank & Finance Practice, Viju

"O especialista em lidar com o cliente Não só fala de uma forma muito humanizada Mas também fornece dados e gráficos Altamente personalizado por meio de interação de vídeo Explicar e orientar sobre qual é o melhor investimento, refletindo melhor as necessidades dos clientes."

Luca Cavalcanti Director of Digital Channels, Bradesco

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