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Deliver expertise

Moderro Remote Expert gives your customers the information, expertise and one-to-one support they need, when they need it. It’s the innovative way to improve your customer experience, while increasing your operational efficiencies.

How It Works

Moderro Remote Expert combines dynamic content, touchscreen displays, HD video and intelligent telephony to seamlessly connect your customers in one location to the expert best placed to help them, in another.

Easy to manage, Moderro Remote Expert has been designed to integrate with enterprise-scale networking providers. With the integration of peripherals, such as printers, card-readers and scanners to carry our unique solutions everything from simple routine tasks, to providing assisted sales service and enabling complex personal transactions.

Everybody Benefits

Not only does Moderro Remote Expert improve customer service by replicating the ‘expert in the room’ experience, but it can boost the efficiency of your organisation too. Our integrated technology is designed to reduce onsite staffing requirements and increase the productivity of your skilled employees across multiple regions, each and every day.

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Used By

Our Solutions


Assisted Self Service

Our enhanced interactive kiosks enable your customers to access important nformation and dynamic content, as well as accomplish routine tasks and transactions via touchscreen. If they need help at any time or have a simple sales query, they can start a secure HD video call directly with one of your experts, based in any location.

  • Interactive concierge
  • 1-to-1 expert communications
Ideal For

Providing quick-service assistance for standardised transactions and routine tasks, such as purchasing tickets, booking appointments, or learning about products.



Our fully immersive solution facilitates complex transactions in a private space, with the addition of peripherals such as printers, card-readers and scanners. Remotely controlled by your expert, it gives your customers the same frictionless experience as having a physical expert in the room.

We can supply standalone kit or provide bespoke furniture with ready-integrated kit to save on shop-fitting costs, if required.

  • 1-to-1 expert communications
  • Peripherals integration
  • Furniture options available
Ideal For

Important customer meetings require sensitive information and complex personal transactions. This could include loan and mortgage applications, financial portfolio planning or legal assistance.

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Remote Expert, Cisco Remote
Grow your revenues
Remote Expert, Cisco Remote
Reduce your costs
Remote Expert, Cisco Remote
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Our Solutions

The Moderro Difference

Our high performance, enterprise-grade technology provides unrivalled levels of visual performance, advanced system applications and network integration capabilities. The result? Your customers enjoy a consistent, reliable and smooth experience.

Market-Leading technology

We use state-of-the-art computer, networking and visual technologies to deliver high-performance, enterprise-grade solutions.

Proven expertise

We have an extensive background in digital signage, deploying enterprise-scale solutions across hundreds of organisations since 2007.

Cisco Solutions Plus partner

As a Cisco partner, our products fully integrate with Cisco networking and Unified Communications solutions.

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