Use Case: Banking

Now you can deliver remote banking services without needing to change your business processes.

Drive higher agent utilization and customer satisfaction when you bring the branch to the customer.

We built Remote Expert so that you can take all your in-person customer interactions on-line using advanced technology to connect remotely all the devices needed to complete a transaction.

Remote Expert is used by agents around the world to access all of the devices required for any business process to be completed remotely.
With Remote Expert, your customers can meet remotely with their advisor or agent to complete any business transaction without losing the personal touch.

How Remote Expert works in a bank branch.


Customer visits branch.

Your customers are used to doing business with you in person, but this doesn’t mean that you need agents in every branch. With Remote Expert, your customer enjoys a personalized experience tailored to their specific need. The client that is best suited for your office environment may be used, kiosk, desktop computer, or dedicated terminal.


Remote session is started.

Once the customer approaches the kiosk or computer, Remote Expert can automatically start the session touchless, intelligently routing the customer to the best agent equipped to handle their need. If the customer is wanting to learn about investment options, or home mortgage rates, Remote Expert ensures the right person is connected to the customer.


Transaction is completed.

Video banking offers a much more convenient way for customers to get help when it fits their schedule and not only when the appropriate person is in the office. Remote Expert can be used for any banking transaction that occurs face to face because the system connects to all of the devices needed to complete the business interaction.

Serve customers in the most cost-effective way.

Move your customer representatives to a remote process so that you can service more customers. By doing this, customer satisfaction goes up, and costs go down. Won’t that feel great?

  • Market-Leading Technology

    Remote Expert can be tailored to your specific application. It uses the most advanced technology to provide a truly immersive customer experience.

  • Mature Solution

    We’ve deployed with enterprise customers around the world since 2007. We know what you require for your business and Remote Expert is the answer.

  • Developed in partnership with Cisco

    As a Cisco partner, our products fully integrate with Cisco networking and Unified Communications solutions.

The Smart Branch is here.

Remote Expert is the engine of the smart branch by facilitating face-to-face transactions remotely. Brick-and-mortar banking locations are still preferred by customers. Even in digitally advanced regions, up to 60% of bank customers prefer banking at branches.

Touchless customer service is required to retain your banking customers today. Consumers want a personal connection, but they want to know that they will be safe at the same time.

Remote Expert transforms the way a bank branch operates with reduced staffing, smaller real-estate requirements, and higher customer interaction that can result in a 70% improvement in cost savings and increased sales.

"Now, instead of worrying about searching for a mortgage advisor, waiting for a meeting, and potentially missing out on their future home. Customers can connect and chat with a dedicated mortgage advisor as quickly as possible. By making this small change in the process, we were able to make a big impact on what is one of the most important milestones in our customers lives."

Ben Osgood Sr. Manager for Mortgages, Nottingham Building Society

"If there's anything the customer needs throughout the appointment, the remote advisor is in touch via instant messaging and can contact the branch to take them in a cup of tea or coffee. The service is exceptional, really."

Jemma Thomas District Sales Manager, Nationwide

"We want to bring the best of BMO to every client interaction, and virtual advisor (Remote Expert) is a natural extension of that."

Paul Dilda Head of North American Branch Channel, Bank of Montreal

Remote Expert is the center for a new operating model called the Smart Branch.

Customer needs mindset, powered by Remote Expert.

With Remote Expert, a Smart Branch can migrate as much as 90% of their regular customer activities to remotely assisted or self-service functions. Traditional bank branches are service-oriented, but a Smart Branch is proactive and focused on customer needs.

Remote Expert enables value-driven roles to increase.

In a Smart Branch, employees will spend most of their time on targeted, value-driven tasks. With simple sales and customer service needs being met through self-service tools. Remote Expert allows a bank branch to provide highly customized service to more people without needing to increase the number of agents.

The digitally-enabled Smart Branch courtesy of Remote Expert.

Remote Expert can improve the utilization and performance of customer service agents and banking personnel. Time and motion studies have shown that the expectations of branch-resourcing models are not aligned with the actual workload of the banking associates and representatives. An accurate view of the duration of common activities, such as transactions, and untracked customer demand, leads to better resourcing models and resulting customer satisfaction.

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