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The Moderro Remote Expert Solution is designed to be industry agnostic and is suitable for all kinds of enterprises.

  Branch Edition Mobile Edition
StandardConfiguration Enhanced Configuration Immersive ExperienceConfiguration KioskConfiguration
Experts assigned to Topics

Expert Application can print or scan document remotely using connected to the IEC device.

Touchless dial

Remote Expert application can automatically initiate the session touchlessly.

HD video calling

Client is capable of making high-definition video calls. HD calls have clear video quality, the audio is in sync.

Multi language support

Client can choose between available user interface languages. Both left-to-right and right-to-left language groups supported.

Multi-party Audio/Video Calls

Expert can invite another expert to join ongoing session, so Client could talk to Experts simultaneously.

High quality video playback

Expert can stream a high quality video from preloaded REM assets to Client.

Remote connection to USB Devices

Almost any USB device connected to the Client’s IEC can be controlled by Expert Application.

Media and Document sharing

Expert can send different types of documents (PDFs, images, videos, etc.) to the client application for viewing by customer.

Expert’s desktop viewing

Client can see and operate either a window, selected by Expert, or the entire expert’s desktop.

Client’s desktop viewing

Expert can see and remotely operate the Kiosk Application running in the IEC the Client initiated a call from.

Document signing

Client can remotely and securely sign documents offered by expert using Adobe eSign or DocuSign technologies.

Document printing / scanning

Expert application can print or scan documents remotely, using devices connected to the RE client as if they would be connected locally to expert's workstation.

White Board

Expert can present hand drawings to the Client (with Wacom Tablet).

Web page viewing

Client application is capable to display web resources in a frame. URL of a web resource may be sent by expert or be a part of application logic.

User feedback inquiry

The Solution makes possible to collect user experience feedback inputs.

Smart Card reading / writing

Client can use a smart card to provide his ID to the expert.

Barcode reading

QR code recognition

Dual-display support

Client hardware can operate with two displays connected. One of displays can be equipped with a touch screen.

Portrait and Landscape display supported

Remote Expert client application can adapt for horizontal and vertical display orientations.

Touch screen

Remote Expert client application uses touch screen as primary interaction device between user and application logic.

Remote Virtual Keyboard

Customer can use smartphone as a remote virtual keyboard and touchpad to fill in forms, sign documents etc. Mobile web browser like Chrome or Safari is used, no need to install additional software.

Cisco Jabber Client

Cisco Jabber Client for video conferencing.

Cisco DX-80

Cisco DX-80 as dedicated video conferencing endpoint.

Cisco Room Kit Mini

Cisco Room Kit Mini for immersive conferencing experience.

Mobile Client for iOS, Android

Mobile application for iOS, Android

Integration with third-party devices

Mobile application can gain access to 3rd party devices' data and send it over to expert for review.

In-Cloud solution

Easily embed into web and mobile apps