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Branch Edition

Remote Expert Branch Edition is generally deployed within branch and satellite offices of the enterprise or in public places. It can be configured in 4 standard ways. At the same time, we designed Remote Expert solution to be highly cusomizable and every standard configuration can be tailored exactly for your special usecase and requirements.

Standard Configuration

Enhanced Configuration

Immersive Experience Configuration

Self-Service Kiosk Configuration

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Enhanced Configuration

Remote Expert Branch Edition used for cases requiring high definition video, additional peripherals, and are located within the enterprise network with dedicated workspaces that provide privacy to the customer.

Use case:

The Remote Expert Branch Edition architecture is generally deployed within branch stores or satellite offices of the enterprise. Customer walks into the office while an agent can be in a remote location. Full business interaction occurs via video conferencing, printing/scanning documents, processing credit card transaction. Agent’s desktop or document sharing, helps with collaborative document filling and signing via Docusign or Adobe Sign.

Technology: Moderro Remote Expert, Cisco Unified Communications

Enhanced Configuration capabilities

This kind of deployment delivers high quality video experience to the caller. In addition, this method also offers the full complement of peripherals such as a printer, a signature capture tool, a card-reader, and a scanner, everything required to complete a complex transaction.

Advanced set of tools designed to complete full spectrum of business interactions without loosing personal touch:

Experts assigned to Topics

Agents talk to clients based on call routing rules

Multi-party Audio/Video Calls

Expert can invite another expert to join ongoing session, so Client could talk to Experts simultaneously.

Touchless dial

Remote Expert application can automatically initiate the session touchlessly.

HD video calls

Client is capable of making high-definition video calls. HD calls have clear video quality, the audio is in sync.

High quality video playback

Expert can stream a high quality video from preloaded REM assets to Client.

Remote connection to USB Devices

Almost any USB device connected to the Client’s IEC can be controlled by Expert Application.

White Board

Expert can present hand drawings to the Client (with Wacom Tablet).

Multi language support

Client can choose between available user interface languages. Both left-to-right and right-to-left language groups supported.

Media and Document sharing

Expert can send different types of documents (PDFs, images, videos, etc.) to the client application for viewing by customer.

Expert’s desktop viewing

Client can see and operate either a window, selected by Expert, or the entire expert’s desktop.

Client’s desktop viewing

Expert can see and remotely operate the Kiosk Application running in the IEC the Client initiated a call from.

Document signing

Client can remotely and securely sign documents offered by expert using Adobe eSign or DocuSign technologies.

Document printing / scanning

Expert application can print or scan documents remotely, using devices connected to the RE client as if they would be connected locally to expert's workstation.

Dual-display support

Client hardware can operate with two displays connected. One of displays can be equipped with a touch screen.

Touch screen

Remote Expert client application uses touch screen as primary interaction device between user and application logic.

Remote Virtual Keyboard

Customer can use smartphone as a remote virtual keyboard and touchpad to fill in forms, sign documents etc. Mobile web browser like Chrome or Safari is used, no need to install additional software.

Portrait and Landscape display supported

Remote Expert client application is adaptive for horizontal and vertical display orientations.

Web page viewing

Client application is capable to display web resources in a frame. URL of a web resource may be sent by expert or be a part of application logic.

User feedback inquiry

The Solution makes possible to collect user experience feedback inputs.

Magstripe card reading / writing

Client can use a smart card to provide his ID to the expert.

Barcode reading

QR code recognition

Cisco DX-80 as dedicated video conferencing endpoint

Compare configurations

Virtual connection between remotely installed peripherals and Agent Workstation PC works as if devices were connected to a local USB ports.

Architecture At Glance

Enhanced Configuration

Elements of the Enhanced configuration

Branch office
Agent Workstation

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While the Remote Expert is generally presented in two editions and five base configurations, we can tailor all of them exactly for your special usecase and requirements.

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