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Remote Expert Smart Solution

Moderro Remote Expert gives your customers the information, expertise and one-to-one support they need, when they need it. It’s the innovative way to improve your customer experience, while increasing your operational efficiencies.
There is a growing need for companies to provide trained and licensed experts in knowledge domains that are of particular interest to their clients. Many companies have a limited supply of these individuals.

Often, they must travel from location to location throughout the week to address a growing array of client requests. For example, companies with hundreds of locations often place specialized product-line experts in just a few locations. It is expensive to staff experts at every location.

One of the best solutions on the market – the Moderro Remote Expert – overcomes these problems by providing a unique knowledge delivery system that adds the new dimensions of real-time video calling and virtual collaboration to the sales and retention process.

How it works

Remote Expert connects customers to your remote advisors and specialists in free-flowing, productive meetings powered by high definition video calling, crisp audio and full-featured collaboration tools so they complete entire interviews and transactions as if your customers and staff met in the same room.

Based on the industry-leading Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure, the Moderro Remote Expert Solution provides a full spectrum of internal and external communication capabilities.

Moderro Remote Expert combines dynamic content, touchscreen displays, HD video and intelligent telephony. Easy to manage, Remote Expert has been designed to integrate with enterprise-scale networks.

With the integration of peripherals, such as printers, card-readers and scanners, our unique solutions can facilitate everything from simple routine tasks, to providing assisted sales service and enabling complex personal transactions.

Taking Advantage of Your Expert Knowledge Base to Increase Revenue While Reducing Costs

It delivers results in these important areas:

Virtualized workforce

Create a virtual pool of experts no matter where they are located — in specific centers, dispersed within your network, or located at home — for instant access to knowledge workers who can help maximize sales opportunities.

Simplified multichannel delivery and accessibility

Instantly identify and connect with the right domain experts so they can personally share knowledge with internal and external customers in business-to-business and business-to-customer scenarios.

Immersive virtual experience

Use high-quality audio and video to consistently deliver a compelling customer experience.


Works with market-leading technologies

Built on the Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure that many companies already have in place, Moderro Remote Expert provides a full spectrum of multiple-endpoint customer service capabilities that extend across your entire organization and all its delivery channels.

Moderro Remote Expert creates an enterprisewide, skills-based database of your subject-matter experts, and provides a platform to manage and track their availability, so you can quickly connect customers with the expertise they need across the entire customer interaction continuum, including:

  • Touchless or One-touch session start

    Engage all your end customers without requiring special PIN codes, phone numbers or passwords.

  • Expanded peripheral support

    In use cases that require document printers, scanners or payment card readers, you can use your existing Windows compatible devices to simplify management and lower capital costs.

  • Integrated Digital Signature

    Expert has built-in workflows for Adobe Sign and DocuSign so your experts can complete entire transactions with end customers

  • High Definition video calling

    Expert and customer conversation have the fidelity of face-to-face meetings easily establishing rapport and engendering trust between your Remote Expert and end customers

  • Precision routed sessions

    Remote Expert stores the skills and preferences of your advisors, experts and Line of Business leaders so every session is connected to the best skilled member of your staff ensuring transaction success.

Editions offered by Moderro

Remote Expert offers readymade or custom installation options for your business. It integrates into your existing enterprise network as an application powered by Cisco’s Unified Communications or Cisco's WebEx Teams.

Immersive Full-Service

Our fully immersive solution facilitates complex transactions in a private space, with the addition of peripherals such as printers, card-readers and scanners. Remotely controlled by your expert, it gives your customers the same frictionless experience as having a physical expert in the room.

Ideal for:

Important customer meetings that involve sensitive information and complex transactions. This could include loan and mortgage applications, financial portfolio planning or legal assistance, etc.

Explore the Branch Edition

Assisted Self-Service Kiosk

Our enhanced interactive kiosks enable your customers to access important information and dynamic content, as well as accomplish routine tasks and transactions via touchscreen. If they need help at any time or have a simple sales query, they can start a secure HD video call directly with one of your experts, based in any location.

Ideal for:

Providing quick-service assistance for standardised transactions and routine tasks, such as purchasing tickets, booking appointments, or learning about products.

Explore the Kiosk Edition

Mobile Client to connect from anywhere

Small business can reduce cost of initial invesments into Remote Expert solution by ordering a subscription to a cloud-based mobile service. They can create topics so their customers are going to be addressed to appropriate agent. Easy to deploy and use.

Ideal for:

Small business, floating offices and for end-user support.

Explore the Mobile Edition
Benefits for all

Better service for them,
better utilisation for you

Not only does Moderro Remote Expert improve customer service by replicating the "expert in the room" experience, but it can boost the efficiency of your organisation too. Our integrated technology is designed to reduce onsite staffing requirements and increase the productivity of your skilled employees across multiple regions, each and every day.

Business benefits:
  • Grow your revenues by increasing the productivity of your experts across multiple locations.
  • Save on costs by reducing the requirement for on-site staffing and mobilizing a flexible workforce.
  • Future-proof your distribution strategy and improve your control environment.
Employee benefits:
  • Reduce the travel and time demands on your employees.
  • Improve the flexibility of your employee’s working environment.
  • Empower your employees, and help attract and retain talent.
Customer benefits:
  • Provide your customers with improved access to experienced and relevant advisors, at a time that’s convenient for them.
  • Increase the ease, convenience and speed of doing business with your organisation.

Remote Expert is not just for customer service, this solution can help you in many business-to-business and business-to-customer situations.

Customer-reported Benefits

x2 Double digit improvement in customer net satisfaction.
2/3 Two-thirds improvement in new mortgage business.
95% of bank customers experiencing Remote Expert would recommend the experience to a friend.
25% of all mortgage originations now delivered via Remote Expert.
Why Choose Moderro?

The Moderro Difference

Our high performance, enterprise-grade technology provides unrivalled levels of visual performance, advanced system applications and network integration capabilities. The result? Your customers enjoy a consistent, resilient, reliable and smooth experience.

Market-leading Technology

We use state-of-the-art computer, networking and visual technologies to deliver high-performance, enterprise-grade solutions.

Proven Expertise

We have an extensive background in digital signage, deploying enterprise-scale solutions across hundreds of organisations since 2007.

Cisco Solution Plus Partner

As a Cisco partner, our products fully integrate with Cisco networking and Unified Communications solutions.

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We know that every business is different, which is why we create bespoke solutions for all of our clients, ensuring your Moderro Remote Expert can have the greatest impact for both you and your customers. To find out what we can do for your organisation, get in touch with us today.

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