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Customer Support

Moderro Customers

Moderro customers can purchase Level 1, 2, and 3 service contracts through Moderro or its resellers.

To download software for Moderro products, please send an email to listing the software you need and we'll send you the software or download link.

Cisco Customers

Cisco will provide level 2 and 3 support for the following products purchased before June 19, 2017 through the end of their Cisco service contract:

  • Interactive Experience Client,
  • Interactive Experience Manager,
  • Remote Expert Manager,
  • Remote Expert Branch solutions.
Cisco will escalate all level 1 support issues to Moderro Technologies.

After the Cisco service contract expires, customers can purchase a new service contract through Moderro to maintain continuous support.

Learn more about the Cisco - Moderro partnership.

at Cisco DevNet


For customers that need signage but don’t want to purchase and manage their own signs, Moderro is pleased to offer Signage-as-a-Service, where Moderro will:
  • Install digital displays and kiosks in the customer’s locations.
  • Create and update signage content and applications.
  • Connect signage to the network and cloud services.
  • Operate, secure, manage, and support the signage network 24×7.


  • If a customer prefers to manage only the display, content, and networking aspects of the digital signage system, Moderro also offers Signage-Controller-as-a-Service.
  • With this service, Moderro handles all aspects of deploying, managing, and updating the signage controllers in the network.
  • Moderro remotely manages the controllers throughout the network using Moderro management software.

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