Use Case: Hotels & Hospitality

We know that you want to meet your guests in the safest way possible without losing the personal touch.

Give your guests the security of a contactless check-in while improving front desk efficiency.

With Remote Expert you can take your front desk guest interactions on-line, reducing the number of front desk agents and that will reduce costs for you while improving the health and safety of your guests.

Remote Expert is installed in medical offices, banks, and hotels around the world connecting the devices required so that any face-to-face interaction can be completed remotely to deliver a fully contactless experience.

How Remote Expert works at the front desk.


Guest walks into the lobby.

Your guests love the personal experience that you deliver, but this doesn’t mean that you need front desk agents in every hotel. Using a Remote Expert kiosk, your guest will enjoy a personalized experience tailored for them and your unique property.


Remote check-in starts touchless.

Once the guest approaches the kiosk, Remote Expert can automatically start the session without any touch required. The customer is then routed to the best agent for their request whether that is for check-in, reservations, or concierge services.


The virtual front desk experience.

The virtual front desk offers a much more convenient way for guests to obtain assistance. Remote Expert can be used for any front lobby interaction that occurs face to face because the system connects to all of the devices needed to complete the transaction.

Remote Expert is the center for a new operating model called the Virtual Front Desk.

Meet your guest’s needs using Remote Expert.

With Remote Expert, a Virtual Front Desk can migrate as much as 100% of their regular front lobby activities to remotely assisted or self-service functions. The hotel industry is service-oriented, and this is why having the perfect agent available to your guest when they are needed is the ideal way to exceed your guest’s expectations.

Remote Expert enables your staff to be more personal and attentive.

By using remotely located agents and self-service kiosks to handle the transactional guest requirements, your staff that is based in the property will be freed to provide more personalized and attentive care to your guests, and all without needing to increase the size of your team.

The digitally-enabled Smart Branch courtesy of Remote Expert.

Remote Expert can improve the utilization and performance of customer service agents and banking personnel. Time and motion studies have shown that the expectations of branch-resourcing models are not aligned with the actual workload of the banking associates and representatives. An accurate view of the duration of common activities, such as transactions, and untracked customer demand, leads to better resourcing models and resulting customer satisfaction.

The virtual front desk is here.

Remote Expert is a human-powered kiosk where a remotely located agent performs all the same face-to-face customer-facing activities that are needed in your hotel lobby.

Touchless customer service is required by many municipalities today. But your guests still desire a personal connection. Remote Expert replaces the boring uninspired check-in kiosks of the past with your agents who will make your guests feel right at home.

Because the agent is on-screen in front of the guest during the interaction, the feeling is that they are still able to talk to a real person who can help them. Remote Expert transforms the way a hotel can operate with reduced front desk staffing and faster response to guest needs.

"Are you accessing your knowledge workers the best that you can for your partners and internal purposes? Do your customers have instant accessibility to your experts when and how they want it? Or are you losing business due to the lack of accessibility of your knowledge base With Cisco Remote Expert, you can now offer one compelling consistent collaboration experience, no matter where your customers and experts are located."

Ron Kafka BD director, Cisco

"Remote Expert can enable you to better access and use the most valuable assets your organization has, your people, and the relationships you have with your customers, partners, and suppliers."

Ron Kafka BD Director, Cisco

"Our return on investment was in five months. We're booking business using this (Remote Expert), so that's great!"

Nicole Van Aston Technology Innovation Manager, Bank of Montreal

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