Use Case: Medical

Now you can check-in patients and provide virtual Doctor consultations, remotely.

Get higher staff utilization and reduced scheduling hassle when you bring the medical office to the patient.

Remote Expert takes your in-person patient interactions on-line using advanced technology to connect remotely to the devices that are needed to complete an examination.

Remote Expert is installed in medical offices, banks, and hotels around the world connecting the devices required so that any face-to-face interaction can be completed remotely to deliver a fully contactless experience.

How Remote Expert works in a medical office.


Patient visits the office.

Your patients are used to meeting with your staff in person, but this doesn’t mean that you need specialists in every office. With Remote Expert, your patients enjoy personalized care that is tailored to their specific needs. The client that is best suited for your offices such as a kiosk, desktop computer, or a dedicated terminal can be used with Remote Expert.


Virtual visit is started.

Once the patient approaches the kiosk or computer, Remote Expert will automatically start the session and intelligently route your patient to the correct staff member whether receptionist, nurse, or Doctor. If the patient has specific medical needs, Remote Expert can be easily configured to ensure that the right staff member is connected to them.


Session is completed.

A virtual medical visit offers a much more convenient way for your patients to receive care when it fits their schedule and not only when the appropriate staff member is in the office. Remote Expert can be used for any medical examination that occurs face to face because the system connects to all of the devices needed to complete the examination or procedure.

The Virtual Medical Office is here.

Brick-and-mortar medical offices are still preferred by patients. Even in digitally advanced regions, healthcare is administered by nurses and Doctors working in physical locations. Though for many procedures physical proximity to the patient is required, Remote Expert enables the medical office of the future by facilitating face-to-face examinations remotely.

Touchless patient care is safer and preferred by patients when possible to carry out. Patients appreciate the personal care of a medical professional, but they want to know that they will be safe at the same time.

Remote Expert transforms the way a medical office operates with reduced in-office staffing, smaller real-estate footprints, and higher patient interaction that can result in a very significant improvement in operational cost savings.

Remote Expert is at the center of virtualized healthcare.

High-quality patient care powered by Remote Expert.

With Remote Expert, a virtualized medical office can serve more patients and operate in remote regions where in-person care is limited. A virtual office can be proactive, providing a higher level of patient care than a traditional office is able.

Remote Expert enables value-driven care to increase.

In a Remote Expert powered medical office, staff spend most of their time on targeted, value-driven tasks. Remote Expert allows medical offices to provide highly customized care to more people without needing to increase the number of nurses, Doctors, and consultants.

The digitally-enabled Virtual Office courtesy of Remote Expert.

Remote Expert can improve the utilization and performance of your medical team. Time and motion studies have shown that the actual demand for specialists and health care providers are not easily estimated. With Remote Expert, the Doctor or specialists are able to care for patients as if they are in the same room.

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