Use Case: Government services

Now you can deliver full spectrum of government services to more citizens, living in far locations and speaking different languages.

While some citizens feel comfortable using contact centers and web portals, a significant proportion still prefers face‐to‐face interaction with public service experts. We built Remote Expert so that you can take all your in-person interactions on-line using advanced technology to connect remotely all the devices needed to complete a transaction.

Remote Expert for Government Services is here.

Remote Expert is the engine of the smart branch by facilitating face-to-face transactions remotely. Brick-and-mortar office locations are still preferred by people. Even in digitally advanced regions, up to 60% of citizens prefer operations at offices.

Touchless customer service is required to retain your visitors today. People want a personal connection, but also they want to know that they will be safe at the same time.

Remote Expert transforms the way the government services operate with reduced staffing, smaller real-estate requirements, and higher citizen interaction that can result in a 70% improvement in cost savings.

Remote Expert for Government Services combines an interactive video experience with remote expert management software capabilities.

The solution supports real time collaboration services between government agents and citizens for extensive live interactions in multiple locations and languages.
The solution introduces the concept of a Remote Services Center, which could be located in the main city office, in a commercial complex (e.g. shopping mall), in a public space such as a library, or in a local building (e.g. bank or post office). It provides a confidential and fully interactive video experience, just as if the citizen and the public service expert were sitting together at a desk in a private office.

How Remote Expert works for government services.


The citizen locates their nearest Remote Services Center

Your citizens are used to solving issues in person, but this doesn’t mean that you need agents in every location. With Remote Expert, your citizens enjoy a personalized experience tailored to their specific need. The client that is best suited for your office environment may be used: kiosk, desktop computer, or dedicated terminal.


Remote session starts touchless.

When the citizens approaches the Remote Expert terminal or enters the POD they are detected by camera, automatically getting connected with the government agent.


Transaction is completed.

Remote Expert offers a much more convenient way for citizens to get help when it fits their schedule and not only when the appropriate person is in the office. Remote Expert can be used for any communication that occurs face to face because the system connects to all of the devices needed to complete the interaction.

Serve citizens in the most effective way.

Remote Expert for government services helps project the best of modern government by taking the point of service closer to the citizen while making more services accessible for longer hours. The Moderro model – giving citizens remote access to interactive government services through HD video and high-quality voice – supports a wide range of use cases.

  • Government Benefits
    • More effective government model
    • Improved quality and service levels
    • Digital era collaboration
    • Increased reach to remote locations
    • Operating expense savings and real estate optimization
    • Greener work practices
  • Citizen Benefits
    • Quick, easy access to services and experts
    • More interactive and satisfying customer experience
    • Greater choice and flexibility
    • Improved quality of life

"Are you accessing your knowledge workers the best that you can for your partners and internal purposes? Do your customers have instant accessibility to your experts when and how they want it? Or are you losing business due to the lack of accessibility of your knowledge base With Cisco Remote Expert, you can now offer one compelling consistent collaboration experience, no matter where your customers and experts are located."

Ron Kafka BD director, Cisco

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Ron Kafka BD Director, Cisco

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Nicole Van Aston Technology Innovation Manager, Bank of Montreal

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