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Partnership with Cisco

Moderro partners with Cisco to integrate Moderro Remote Expert into Cisco networks and solutions. A unique advantage of Remote Expert products is their ability to tightly integrate with Cisco Unified Communications technology and capability to act as a feature-rich IP phone and videoconference device.
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Cisco Solution Partner

Partners Since 2011

Moderro and Cisco partnership has been delivering Cutting edge remote expert solutions since 2011. Starting with creation of the First Remote Expert Branch solution consisting of Highend Cisco Teleprecense endpoints, Moderro team have continuously evolved the Remote Expert solutions to one of the Best solutions available in the market.

Enhanced Partnership

On June 19, 2017, Moderro purchased all rights to the Cisco Interactive Signage and Remote Expert solutions, including:

  • Interactive Experience Client
  • Interactive Experience Manager
  • Remote Expert Manager product
  • Remote Expert Branch (REB) solution
Visit Cisco’s Moderro Announcement page to read Cisco’s FAQ.

Cisco Support

Cisco TAC will continue to support Severity 2 and 3 issues for these products through the end of the term of their Cisco service contract. Cisco will escalate all Severity 1 issues to Moderro.

Moderro can provide the following support services for Remote Expert systems after their Cisco service contract expires:

  • Moderro Service Plans for ongoing support
  • Upgrades of Remote Expert hardware and software
  • Configuration or expansion of Remote Expert networks

Moderro Products Available Through Cisco

Moderro is a Cisco SolutionsPlus partner. Moderro products are listed on the Cisco Price List. Moderro products are available through Cisco and Cisco authorized resellers.